The Vietnamese Donuts You Never Knew You Loved

It’s National Donut Day! Last yeart(waffle-donut) and this year I decide to go with a donut that you’ve probably never seen before: banh tieu, a deliciously deep-fried Vietnamese donut. Banh tieu, for the uninitiated, are slightly sweet, puffy, hollow donuts that are sprinkled with a generous amount of nutty sesame seeds. Fresh out of the fryer, they just can’t be beat.


My very first banh tieu was while I was wandering the heart of Vancouver’s Little Saigon with my sister-in-law. Our tummies were already full from banh mi, but when I spotted some plastic bags filled with fried dough, my curiousity was piqued. We bought them, no surprise there! They were cold and just a touch on the oily side, but they were delicious in the way that deep fried dough is. As mediocre as I thought those banh tieu were, I saw the potential.

Later, I learned that good banh tieu are round, puffy, and slightly sweet with a hollow centre. Also, they taste phenomenal when they’re hot and fresh. After my store-bought banh tieu experience, I had the chance to try some fresh ones at my in-laws’ house. My mother-in-law is the bomb in the kitchen, but one thing she lets my father-in-law do is make donuts. She gets the heebie jeebies with yeast, so really, it’s the perfect arrangement.


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