Christmas Cookies in a Tin

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What Kind Of Cookies Are In The Tin?

A tin of cookies is a great gift for any occasion. But what kind of cookies are in the tin? This article will help you choose the right tin of cookies for your next gift.

The tin of cookies contains chocolate chip, oatmeal, and sugar cookies.

There are a variety of cookies in the tin, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies.

What Size Is The Tin?

-What is the diameter of the lid?

A tin is a container with a lid that is used to store food or other items. The size of the tin is determined by the diameter of the lid. The diameter of the lid is measured in inches. The size of the tin is also determined by the capacity of the tin. The capacity of the tin is measured in ounces.

-What is the weight of the tin?

A: The dimensions of the tin are 4″x4″x2.5″. The weight of the tin is 0.5 lbs. -What is the name of the company?

The tin is six inches in diameter and the company is called Fancy Tins.

How Many Cookies Are In The Tin?

Assuming you’re asking how many cookies are in a typical tin, the answer is around 40. But the number can vary depending on the size and shape of the tin.

What Is The Price Of The Tin?

-I’m sorry, we don’t have tin.

If you’re looking for tin, you might be out of luck. Most stores don’t carry it, and if they do, the price can be quite high. Tin is not a very popular metal, so it can be hard to find and expensive when you do.

The price of tin is currently $5.50 per pound.

The price of the tin is $5.

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